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Monica Vejgaard



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Mimi Harmer



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Iveri Kekenadze Gustafsson



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Natalie Roe



Our Belief

We believe that, in order to be successful, a performing arts institution must encourage a healthy partnership between administration, staff and students. An institution that provides an inclusive and accessible platform that empowers the student voice not only creates passionate and advanced artists, but also conscientious, valuable members of society.

We equally believe that  students  have  the  purity  of  thought  and  can therefore be the best defenders of the humanistic values within music and arts education. Accordingly, a well-supported Student Representation System (SRS) has the freedom to advocate for an arts and music education unrestrained by any political and financial control.

We strongly believe that in any HME Institution, region or country, beyond unfavourable specific (financial, political, structural) circumstances, a good and effective SRS can be settled without too much financial or infrastructural effort. It is predominantly about changing the institution’s mind-set as a whole, taking the action, and ensuring some minimum requirements are met in order to provide a platform for the student voice to be heard.

Our Vision

All HME institutions in Europe should have a well-functioning SRS. Our ideal institution:

Our Commitment

Advocate and support our vision and beliefs throughout the European HME institutions by:

Our Aims and Objectives

The Association has the following goals: